Our Philosophy

  • Our coaches being ex-soccer players, certified coaches and certified referees, we are up-to-date on how the game is evolving. Players may develop at different speed but the principle core of the game is still the same. We emphasize on the 4 aspects of the game: Attacking, Defending, Transition attack to defence, and Transition defence to attack.

  • We structure a program based on individual, small group and team tactics, exploring into more detail as the player’s progress in their knowledge and experience of the game (player development pathway). In our training sessions, our first priority is focused on individual and group tactics, intelligence, technical attributes of each individual player strength and capabilities. We do this by stimulating a game like situation to assist the players in foreseeing real game challenges while in a practice setting. This process helps player(s) visualize the relationship when they are playing in a real game situation.

  • Constant feedback is imperative. We encourage critical thinking, finding solutions to game scenario to help improve player(s) game intelligence. Player involvement through Q’s and A’s are key components to problem solving.

  • We encourage our young players to be opened to playing in multiple positions as it help foster development.

We emphasis on players, creativity, freedom of expression, willingness to learn new skills without fear of failure and Player development being our key objectives.

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