U5 – U8

U5 – U8 Boys and Girls

U5 – U6

  • Program is designed based on Player Pathway Development model.

  • It gives opportunity to every skill level player at this age, the chance to meet their full potential.

  • It provide physical activity, fun soccer participation, help develop physical literacy and the basics of soccer.

  • No line drills, players learn to manipulate the ball with lots of touches in a small size group, a safe and nurturing learning environment. 

  • They learn to move, make new friends and start to love the beautiful game of soccer. 

  • Our coaches dedicated and believe in the implementation of Player Centred Approach coaching style. 

  • All sessions run by certified coaches.  

U7 – U8

  • Program is designed to continue the growth and skill development of graduates from U5 – U6  Moivn’ Bees to U7 – U8 Flaming Bees.
  • Program still based on helping youngster participate in physical activities, teach them the basics of soccer but with a gradual emphases on 100% involvement.
  • It helps soccer player at this age level to develop physical literacy, the basic skills and technique of soccer within all participation through ball manipulation.
  • More touches on the ball and encourages freedom of expression when on the ball and movement to create space  when off the ball
  • No outside rules, kick-ins for a throw in, unlimited subs rules, small nets with goalkeeper or pugg-net without goalkeeper
  • Is designed to help improve player confidence  and decision making in attacking and defending situation (when, where how,
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